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Spa Consultant

With a career spanning 30 years in the Skincare and Spa industry, Fiona Brackenbury has been driving business growth & transforming performance through her true expertise in her field.

The Skin Expert

Driving Business Growth & Transforming Performance

Meet Fiona

Fiona Brackenbury has worked passionately to become a true expert in her field. During this time, not only has she witnessed significant changes within the industry but also played a part in influencing and launching many of the trends and innovations seen in the marketplace today.

Brand Development

Fiona has a thorough understanding of business needs and market trends which has enabled her to spot opportunities in the market and collaborate with various teams to deliver successful solutions.

Press & Media

Fiona has a 20yr relationship with the UK’s leading beauty influencers, meeting with press, providing experts quotes for National & International publications and hosting press launches for NPD.

Spa & Salon Business Development

Fiona has played a multi-faceted roles in the Spa Industry demonstrating her strengths in business development, retail excellence, education, training and treatment design.

“Working in skincare and beauty for the past 30 years, I am honoured to call this industry home.”

A Lifelong Passion

Fiona developed a thirst for knowledge early on in her career which has equipped her with an exceptional understanding of the skin, with a focus on how different ingredients affect the dermis and epidermis and when combined correctly can deliver outstanding results.