Spring and Summer brings new challenges to the skin…

Have you made the switch yet? Have you changed your moisturiser for the spring and summer warmer months? Have you adapted your skincare routine to the season? Warmer months can bring many changes and challenges for the skin. We can suffer from more dehydration in the warmer months, we lose water from our skin through trans epidermal water loss (the movement of water in the skin to balance the hydration levels), increase in sensitivity, damage to the collagen and elastin fibres and breakouts from self-tan or SPF.


What results do you want to achieve? Have you revaluated your skin and are you needing to set new skin goals? As the season changes, it is the perfect time to see what your skin needs and did you managed to achieve last season’s goals. 

In the summer one of the biggest challenges is achieving maximum hydration in a lightweight breathable non greasy way. There is one ingredient that will be the spring and summer superstar and that is hyaluronic acid.


Hyaluronic acid holds 1000 times its own weight in moisture and by the time we are 30yrs old we have lost up to 50% of the skin natural levels. This decline causes dehydration and loss of plumpness in the skin, the good news is we can easily introduce hyaluronic acid into the skin daily through moisturisers, serums, and hydrating mists.    

Multi Weight Hyaluronic Acid Is Best


Hyaluronic acid can be a either a high weight molecule meaning it can sit on the surface and act as a brilliant humectant and draw moisture into the skin. Or a low weight molecule which can go deeper the layers and have a plumping anti-aging benefit to the skin. My preference is to have more then one size of hyaluronic acid, so you achieve multiple benefits.


Dehydration causes accelerated ageing

I have out together my favourite moisturisers for you, they all include hyaluronic acid. By having hyaluronic acid in your moisturiser as opposed to in your serum your skin can take full advantage of the higher humidity levels which will ensure the upper levels of the skin will keep hydrated. You will also limit the cells from stealing moisture from deeper in the skin which is key if you want to avoid dehydration stress as this causes accelerated ageing.

Hyaluronic acid and peptides moisturisers

I love multi benefit skincare and when you can have actives cleverly combined not only is it going to save time and but it strips out the confusion on what is applied first as it is less layers to apply. One of my greatest finds is a brilliant power couple, hyaluronic acid and peptides. I always like to show all different textures, prices and ingredients to ensure you have all the information and options to make the right choice for you and your skin.

I really like e.l.f Holy Hydration Face cream they have combined hyaluronic acid, two lots of peptides and niacinamide to deliver a beautiful lightweight super soft hydrating hyaluronic acid moisturiser. The two peptides are wrinkle reducing Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, these two peptides work together to restore and maintain the skins collagen level. To improve the moisture levels even more this moisturiser, contain squalene which helps to strengthen and restore the skin moisture barrier and vitamin B5 to help soothe and hydrate. You can see why I like this moisturiser and wait till you see the price.


Is nine peptides too many?

If two peptides are not enough then how about nine peptides, which I think must be the highest number of peptides I have seen in a moisturiser. Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream is a gorgeous moisturiser and its power packed. The synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid are increased, whilst inflammation is reduced and wound healing is boosted.  Combine all those ingredients with waterlily stem cell extract and you a have a brilliant moisturiser that will deliver results on the appearance of lines and wrinkles and slackness.


Struggle with breakouts in the summer

Oil free Gel Creams are the perfect solution if you find SPF’s, humidity, and self-tans cause congestion and yet your skin is still dehydrated. I never thought I would include Clinique in a blog, but I am the first to say they have come along way in their formulas.  If you are facing breakouts, dehydration and sensitivity then Clinique 100hr Auto Replenishing Hydrator is going to be balancing, hydrating and calming all in one application.


It’s all in the texture

Hydration, bounce, softness and smoothness, Honest Hydrogel Cream has you covered with the brilliant sodium PCA, two weights of hyaluronic acid, squalane and glycerin so be prepared for quenching, plumping and restore your skins barrier all whilst not blocking the pores The sodium PCA is naturally found in your skin however declines with age (I know it’s annoying when we need it the most) it’s a great ingredient to use 40yrs plus as it supports the skins barrier and limits water loss by helping to rebuild the intercellular lipids, more information on the skin barrier can be found here. If you have an anti-ageing serum to go under this moisturiser it will be the perfect duo. PURCHASE HERE

Richer textures for comfort and Botox like affects

If its lines and wrinkles that being caused from muscle contraction, then you will love Matis Hyaluronic-Age. This cream is rich in hyaluronic acid and leaves the skin tighten and contoured (in a good way not in a drying way). Matis have used three sizes of hyaluronic acid which is music to my ears, the lowest weight will work the deepest and last the longest, the medium weight will deliver a drip-feeding affect through the cells and the high weight will deliver the immediate hydrating result. Relax Actif M2R+ is an innovative way to relax the muscles and limits the contraction which over time causes the lines and wrinkles. There is a low % of glycolic so be sure to use an SPF every day, its super gentle and smoothes and refines the skins texture. PURCHASE HERE Use Fionamatis for 10% discount


If it is a 3D plumping and filling affect your needing, then I would recommend Matis Hyaluronic-Perf. Both Matis moisturisers are exceptional in delivering outstanding hydration, the secondary benefit is what you need to decide on, is it lines and wrinkles you want to smooth or plumping and filling?    

Treating hyperpigmentation 24 / 7

I was impressed with Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream by Sunday Riley the moment I read about the formula and when I used this stunning cream, I loved it even more. As you will have heard me say during Skin School on either Facebook or Instagram pigmentation is a tricky skin condition to treat and you need to think how you are tackling and how are you preventing the dark spots and the uneven skin tone from becoming darker or reappearing. Tidal is a brilliant hydrating moisturiser with a twist, Sunday Riley have expertly blended alpha arbutin, which works by limiting the enzyme tyrosinase that is responsible for stimulating the production of melanin. The texture is lightweight, cooling and contains hyaluronic acid to deliver the hydration and the enzymes from papaya to brighten. PURCHASE HERE

Skin texture changes in the summer

The summer months is when we can feel like your complexion is uneven and the skin texture is not smooth, this can be caused by congestion or more often it is the skin barrier thickening. There are key moments when the skin does this to protect itself, when the skin is under attack from UV the skin holds on to the dead skin cells, this can also occur with age.

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Day Cream SPF30 resurfaces, enhances cell renewal and delivers hydration.  Elemis have created a patented Tri – Enzyme technology which is a blend of enzymes (which if you new to following me on Instagram and Facebook, you will not know about my obsession with enzymes). Clearer complexions, smoother skin and helping with evening the skin tone is so easily achieved with tis gorgeous achieved. Its feels light weight in texture but in a rich comforting silky cream texture so if you have thirsty skin, you will achieve the moisture you need.


Lines appear less visible after one week

My latest discovery, in fact you will hear me say a lot about how impressed I am with Murad’s skin care philosophy. Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture really could be a winter or a summer saviour. Its lightweight but powerful in hydrating and moisturising the skin. Improves skin dullness, dryness, smooths, rejuvenates, soothes and replenishes. A brilliant blend of humectants to pull water into the skin to maintain water levels including the famous hyaluronic acid. Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles (92% of the consumer perception study noticed a visible difference) thanks to the power of combination of super hydrating ingredients, amino acids and peptides.


I hope you have enjoyed this blog, please let me know if you need any help with your skin.

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