Eyes Are The Window To Our Age…

Many say that eyes are the windows to our souls, but I say they are the window to our age, and they are extremely tricky to treat. It is no surprise really when you think that we blink and move the orbicularis oculi (eye muscle) over 20,000 times a day and the eye tissue is extremely thin. It is believed to be to ten times thinner than the rest of the face and there are no functioning oil glands under the eyes to keep the area moisturiser and supple.

After many years of treating clients, designing treatments and studying the delicate tissue around the eyes and seeing how it responds to certain ingredients I think it’s time I share all the advice I have collected over the 30yrs.

When you hear what attacks the skins externally and what attacks the skin internally you soon start to realise why the eye tissue needs as much help as possible (in fact all of the skin does).

The Worst External And Internal Aggressions

  1. No surprises in at #1 are UV rays, the challenge for the eyes is that the tissue is so thin that damage to the collagen and elastin is far greater when it hits the skin around the eyes.
  2. Central heating and air conditioning literally suck moisture out of the skin and therefore the eye tissue creases easily as there is little moisture to keep the skin supple (we are blinking over 20,000 times a day so skin around the eyes is moving all the time).
  3. Extreme temperature changes, going from where it’s bitterly cold outside to sitting in front of a toasty fire causes stress and inflammation to the skin. Inflammation is a huge issue for the skin, look out for future blogs on this as it is the invisible ager and ultimate skin baddie.
  4. Rubbing of the eyes, when removing make up or just causing friction to the eye area is going to put pressure on this extremely delicate area and damage the collagen and elastin fibres.
  5. Fatigue and exhaustion, not sleeping or not getting enough sleep will result in darkness and shadows.
  6. Free radicals inside the skin (watch out for a blog on this as this is a big issue for the skin) are like skin scavengers attacking the cells, proteins (collagen and elastin) and lipids causing havoc and destruction.

Do You Really Need An Eye Cream?

I believe eye creams are essential if you want to tackle dark circles, lines and wrinkles, bags and slackness, however I am mindful it’s a mine field as so many eye creams promising to deliver the best results. Given the eye area is so delicate and damages so easily I believe we should take care of the fragile area with eye creams that make the difference. Some face creams could be applied under the eyes but please go easy and use the thought process that it needs to be a super lightweight texture almost a cream-gel like texture. I would prefer you do not use a face cream for the eyes as I hear and see so many people mention they have milia (tiny white spots around the eye orbital) and one of the causes of this is too heavier product.

To make this the ultimate reference for best anti-ageing eye creams I have categorised them into:

  • Best Retinol Eye Creams for lines and wrinkles
  • Best Firming Eye Cream
  • Best Vitamin C Brightening Eye Creams
  • Best Eye Peptide Cream for lines and wrinkles
  • Best Eye creams for Dark Circles and Anti-Ageing

Best Retinol Eye Creams For Targeting Lines and Wrinkles

Retinol is the gold standard of anti-aging ingredients, so it makes sense to start here. Working with retinol is an expertise and to expertly create a product that not only is respectful to the delicate area but also delivers great results.

Both are best used at night-time, I really recommend if you can, to use a separate eye cream at night-time to that of the morning just like you would for your moisturiser (in the day the skin has very different needs to that of the night).

    Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum – Potent but gentle and delivers impressive results. Murad have conducted many clinical trials to show results after 4 weeks of using it every night. 87% noticed firmer skin after 4 weeks and 93% saw a reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Not only does this include the gold standard retinol that stimulates collagen but also, they have combined Marine Kelp to help lift and firm under the eye area and Cotton Wool Grass to deliver hydration over a 24hr period. PURCHASE HERE

    Medik8 r-Retinoate Day and Night Eye Serum – There is always an exception to the rule and this is a super effective eye serum. Expertly created (Medik8 are renowned in the industry for pushing the boundaries of Vitamin A) to ensure this eye serum can be used day and night with no sensitivity and destruction to the Vitamin A. Although they call this a serum I used it as a cream on its own and the results were brilliant. Medik8 have expertly taken two forms (retinol and retinoic acid) of Vitamin A to make a hybrid Vitamin A, so effective that it delivers all the results with no compromising the skin, no flaking, no sensitivity, and no dehydration. No wonder they have patented this mighty molecule. PURCHASE HERE

    Best Eye Cream for Firming

    Kate Somerville Age Arrest Eye Cream – Clinically proven to firm the skin (the clinicals are amazing some of the results are immediate after one use) and the technology within the formula is equally as impressive. I will try to not get too technical, but you know me I am a skin ingredient geek. The skin regenerates itself every single day, when that cell division occurs there is a part of the skin that is responsible for the renewal process however it’s gets shorter every time, we produce more skin cells. The technology in this eye cream is designed to preserve those cells so cell renewal and repair doesn’t slow down as we age. Kelp and algae restore hydration, stimulate the skin’s own natural production of hyaluronic acid and sooth the delicate tissue. PURCHASE HERE

    Best Brightening Vitamin C Eye Creams

    Sticking with gold standard anti-ageing ingredients, I could not write a blog on eye creams and not mention how effective Vitamin C eye creams are, especially in the morning. If you are someone that takes some time to wake up and feel and look human, you will love Vitamin C around the eyes. It instantly brightens and illuminates the eyes whilst stimulating collagen and providing antioxidant protection. Look out for encapsulated Vitamin C especially in an eye cream as Vitamin C can be unstable and does not like oxygen and light. Encapsulating the powerful antioxidant collagen boosting vitamin means more effectiveness. Both Vitamin C eye creams I really rate are both encapsulated.

    Murad Environmental Shield Vita C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector – This is specifically targeting dark circles, however Vitamin C is steeped in research to show it stimulates collagen as well as brightens, and that is exactly what you get – anti ageing, brightening and a reduction in dark circles. Not only does it contain gold standard Vitamin C but also giant kelp and red algae to depuff. Murad Vita C, is the perfect partner if you are using Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye cream. I am thinking 24hr collagen production and a formidable duo if you want to target lines and wrinkles. PURCHASE HERE

    Decleor Jasmin Anti Dark Circle Vitamin Glow – With an apricot tint to help blur dark shadows and bluish purplish dark circles to give an instant brighten and illuminating effect. Jasmin to smooth, niacinamide to strengthen the skin’s barrier and caffeine to help drain always dark shadows all combined with encapsulated vitamin C to boost collagen, brighten under the eyes and fight environmental aggressions. PURCHASE HERE


    When I compare the two, Murad’s Vita C has more illuminating properties so if you need that to brighten and disguise the tiredness go for Murad’s Vita-C, however if there is any sensitivity around the eyes go for Decleor Jasmin Eye cream. 

    Best Peptide Eye Creams

    If collagen is where you want to focus your attention and you want to rejuvenate the delicate eye tissue, peptides will always come to the rescue. Remember peptides need continuous application – look out for a blog on peptides coming soon! Both of these products are amazing, if you want see the results you must apply everyday as once a week is not enough. 

    Elemis Peptide4 Eye Recovery Cream – Formulated with Elemis Peptide4 complex this delivers a cascade of peptides every time you use it, meaning every time you use it there is a message going to your sleepy collagen cells “make more collagen”. The more you can apply the better results so I would recommend applying this morning and evening. Cleverly combining ingredients that are rich in omegas (see my blog on the important role of omegas and fatty acids in skincare) to ensure the delicate eye tissue is given strength, comfort and prevents water loss. Elemis Peptide4 Recovery Eye Cream is a brilliant all-rounder for dark circles, lines and wrinkle reduction and brightening. PURCHASE HERE

    Drunk Elephant Shaba Complex Eye Serum – A satiny beautiful serum that feels like a lightweight eye cream. Combining Copper Peptides, which are carrier peptides ensuring copper is delivered into the skin to aid wound healing and provide antioxidant protection to the collagen, edelweiss stem cells and niacinamide. This really is power packed with clinically proven ingredients and delivers results on the appearance of lines and wrinkles, puffiness and awakening tired eyes. PURCHASE HERE

    To help you choose and understand between these two powerful peptide formulas I would suggest if you have dry skin and the eye area is dehydrated and thirsty go for Elemis Peptide4 Eye Recovery Cream. If its lines and wrinkles and more anti gaining you want to go for Drunk Elephant Shaba Complex Eye Serum.

    Best Eye Creams for Dark Circles and Anti-Ageing

    You could also notice dark circles as you age, the eye socket offers no physical support and is causing shadows, your also reliant on dermal tissues in the skin to offer structure and density. If you have just started noticing dark circles and the skin is ageing it is going to be worthwhile you combining a dark circle serum with an anti-ageing eye cream to target the collagen. Comfort Zone and Goldfaden both are the best at delivering results for dark circles and anti-ageing, these are really especially good if your dark circle have come about because if ageing.

    Comfort Zone / Skin Regimen / Lift Eye Cream – Expertly created for the beauty professionals to use in clinics and spas to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and lift upper eyelids. The texture is divine, silky and fast absorbing and combines caffeine and their trademark Longevity Complex which is protecting the delicate eye tissue from the effects of stress, inflammation and environmental aggressions. PURCHASE HERE

    Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes Dark Circle Radiance Concentrate – If the eye area is looking tired, lines look deeper, dark circles more obvious Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes is a great eye cream. PURCHASE HERE

    When I compare the two whilst both will really help with dark circles and ageing, this one is the more hydrating of the two thanks to the hyaluronic acid and the apricot kernel oil. If it is more firming and lifting of the eye lids as well as dark circles, then I would lean towards Comfort Zone.

    I hope you have enjoyed this blog, please let me know if you need any help with your skin.

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