Winter Plays Havoc With Your Skin…

Winter is one of my favourite seasons, but boy does it play havoc with our skin. Our skin is at its happiest when there is humidity in the air and unfortunately in our houses the humidity is low all thanks to the central heating. Winter here in the UK is renowned for low humidity, unless it is raining then you will find me dancing in the rain and taking full advantage of the moist air. In our homes the air is dry, and this zaps moisture from our skin causing dehydration and inflammation of the tissues and cells that should be plump giving collagen the support. In the Winter, these structural supports decrease by the day.

You may have found by 3pm your skin is feeling tight, taught and slightly uncomfortable, that is the skin losing moisture, this is a classic afternoon slump (that is for another blog). 

Single handedly hydration is the most important element for your skin and we never really want to ever have that feeling where the skin is parched, tight and thirsty.

I have put together my favourites tips and products to offer you a quick solution that will increase hydration in the skin, limit water loss, reinforce the skin barrier, sooth stress and inflammation.

Quick Wins

Switch your cleanser to a cream or a milk texture in the morning, these cleansers will really help hydrate. At night-time use oils and balms to cleanse deeply, these will immediately bring comfort whilst removing makeup and are power packed with fatty acids which your skin needs all year round but especially in the winter.

Trading Up Your Moisturiser

Depending on how your skin feels and what textures you like you may want to consider stepping up to skincare with a richer in texture and also have a moisturiser which are abundant in omegas and ceramides. The moisturiser I am loving right now at night-time is Sunday Riley ICE, this moisturiser is a must if you are noticing your skin just cannot keep in the hydration.

Sunday Riley ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream – Designed to strengthen the skins barrier with ceramides, sterols and essential fatty acids this not only feels like a cashmere veil of moisture and comfort but also limits transepidermal water loss.

TEWL is a process where water is being pulled from deeper within the skin which puts stress on the skin cells leading to cellular inflammation and skin stress.


Winter Skin Extras

If you are generally happy with your skin and its only small areas that need some tlc, for example the tops of the cheeks may feel tight, the skin is showing dehydration lines in certain areas or you may be experiencing flaking then you need something to hand that can be added simply into your routine and become your SOS product.


Wildsmth Skin Ceramide Lipid Reapir Balm – Wildsmith Skin have created a brilliant pot of powerful ingredients that will become your winter skin saviour. Their Ceramide Lipid Repair Balm is created with the same philosophy as Sunday Riley ICE, infusing the skin with ceramides, phystosterols and essential fatty acids to rebuild, strengthen and reinforce the skin barrier. This pot of magic literally eradicates dryness, tightness and brings instant comfort. You can use it all over the skin or use it like I do in the day on areas that are feeling tight.


Use FIONA20 for 20% dicsount

Make Skincare Count

Even when taking bath or a shower (when you know you are not getting your face wet) apply your favourite hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid loves humidity and your bathroom, especially when running a hot bath or taking a shower is the perfect environment. Cleanse your skin first with either a cleansing balm or oil and then load up with multi weight or low weight hyaluronic acid. If your skin is feeling thirsty hyaluronic acid draws in water, so go for this over a facial oil as the oil will bring comfort but will not have the ability to act like a moisture magnet.

Avoid Intense Heat

Now I do not mean heat from the sun as that goes without saying, I am thinking more about when you blow dry your hair. Always try to do your skincare first before drying your hair as the intense heat from your hairdryer will cause dehydration in the upper tissues, water loss from deeper in the skin, stress and inflammation. Do not forget having the car heater point and basting at your face will also have the same effect.

Hydrating Sprays In The Winter Months

Be careful of hydrating sprays in the winter months especially indoors as the air is so dry because of central heating. If you rely just on hydrating sprays the skin will never fully benefit from the hydrating ingredients as the water will evaporate almost immediately. The risk of using hydrating sprays when the air is so dry is the evaporating mist draws moisture from the skin making the situation worse. Be sure to help the skin and apply either a facial oil or a moisturiser rich in emollients to help seal in the hydration after spraying.



Bring Comfort To A Winter Parched Skin

Drops of your favourite face oil in your foundation can be just what the skin needs to bring vitality, radiance and most important a dewy look to the complexion. Facial oils tend to be packed with omegas which are essential for skin health and contribute hugely to a healthy skin barrier. Depending on the coverage some foundations when the skin is dry can go patchy and look uneven, I find a drop of oil can give a brilliant glowing finish to the skin.

If we look after our skin during the winter months, we ultimately will keep sensitivity and skin stress at bay.



I hope you have enjoyed this blog, please let me know if you need any help with your skin.

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